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Experienced International and Transnational Litigation Attorney

Litigation assistance from an international problem solver

A thorough knowledge of international laws is essential to resolving international disputes through litigation. However, the skill to apply those laws creatively for the benefits of clients is not something every attorney has. Charles H. Camp is a highly experienced and skilled international litigator whose creative problem-solving ability has benefited individual, corporate and sovereign clients throughout the world, from California to New York, from Scotland to Burundi, from Bahrain to China.

Experienced international law and litigation attorney

The Law Offices of Charles H. Camp, P.C. represents clients in international litigation involving disputes such as:

  • Breach of contract claims
  • International commercial disputes
  • International business disputes
  • International construction disputes

Charles Camp has a wide range of legal expertise in transnational litigation and international law. He’s utilized his broad knowledge and ability to think outside of the box to provide comprehensive representation to clients in litigation and related debt collection needs. For example, in the appeal of Roger C.S. Lin, et al. v. U.S., Mr. Camp presented an eloquent argument on behalf of his clients to be granted fundamental constitutional rights, including internationally recognized, non U.S. citizen passports. The matter involved highly complex legal matters, including whether the political question doctrine bars a federal court from interpreting the San Francisco Peace Treaty (SFPT).

Like the Roger C.S. Lin appeal, many of Mr. Camp’s international litigation and arbitration cases involve complex issues such as whether the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act gives a client the right to sue a foreign debtor in a U.S. court. Creative problem solving is the key to winning these complicated cases, and Mr. Camp presents many creative legal arguments on behalf of his foreign and domestic clients. In one case, Mr. Camp argued that several banks in possession of assets belonging to China could be made to turn over the funds because the banks themselves could not assert foreign sovereign immunity under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act on behalf of China. It is this type of creative legal strategizing that earns Mr. Camp the loyalty of his clients around the world.

Resolving complex disputes through international litigation

Mr. Camp never fails to seek a full and satisfactory resolution in international litigation and related debt recovery. To learn more about international litigation and other dispute resolution services, contact the Law Offices of Charles H. Camp, P.C. online or call 202.457.7786 or 301.461.0283.