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Frequently Asked Questions About International Dispute Resolution

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In any type of international dispute, the client with the best information has a distinct edge over other parties to the dispute. Whether a dispute involves litigation, arbitration or negotiation between the parties, or the collection of debts, being fully informed can aid in a swift and effective resolution in the client’s favor. To that end, the Law Offices of Charles H. Camp, P.C. is committed to providing clients with the information needed to understand their rights and make informed decisions, including the following answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the firm and its practice areas:


  • International Practice FAQs: To learn more about the firm’s practice and services in litigation, arbitration, negotiations and debt recovery, please see these frequently asked questions about the firm. 
  • International and Transnational Litigation FAQs: Answers to common questions about international or transnational litigation, including what is involved in international litigation and information about Mr. Camp’s international law practice. 
  • International Arbitration FAQs: Information on what international arbitration is and answers to frequently asked questions about arbitration and the enforcement of arbitral awards. 
  • International Debt Recovery FAQs: Information on the enforcement of judgments in the United States and abroad. 
  • Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act FAQs: A short explanation of the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act and how sovereign immunity may affect debt recovery proceedings. 

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With more than 30 years of experience, the law Offices of Charles H. Camp has the skill and expertise to obtain real results for clients, including the assets needed to fulfill a money judgment or arbitral award. For more information on the firm and services provided, including an explanation of the law and how it affects individual cases, or for personalized representation, contact the Law Offices of Charles H. Camp, P.C. today via email or call 202.457.7786 or 301.461.0283.