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$90.6 Million Judgment in Favor of Plaintiffs Who Were Victims of a Major International Ponzi Scheme

On July 22, 2021, the Law Offices of Charles H. Camp, P.C. secured a $90.6 Million Judgment in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York on behalf of 135 plaintiffs, victims of an international Ponzi scheme perpetrated by Defendants Jairo Enrique Sanchez and Dilia Margarita Baez, who are Colombian nationals. Defendants’ Read More »

The Interplay Between Insolvency Proceedings and Parallel International Arbitration Proceedings in the Post-Pandemic World

As businesses emerge into the post-pandemic world, insolvency proceedings offer practical solutions to businesses aiming to recover from the recent global economic fallout. These businesses hope to repay their debts, restructure and reorganize their assets, and generally manage their operations. While effective, insolvency-based solutions are often designed only to further domestic legal and policy goals Read More »

Do International Investment Agreements Provide Remedies for Foreign Investors Harmed by the Lebanese Financial Crisis?

In our latest article for Business Law Today, we consider whether international investment agreements provide remedies for foreign investors harmed by the ongoing Lebanese financial crisis.  In doing so, we draw on our years of work on cases involving the Middle East generally, and international banks specifically, to analyze remedies available to foreign banking customers whose Read More »

Charles H. Camp and Kiran Nasir Gore Contribute Chapter to Forthcoming Book on the Future of Investor State Dispute Settlement

Charles H. Camp and Kiran Nasir Gore have contributed a chapter to a forthcoming book on the future of Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS). The Investor-State Dispute Settlement System: Reform, Replace or Status Quo?, edited by Dr. Alan Anderson and Mr. Ben Beaumont, will be published later this year by Kluwer Law International and provides varied Read More »

Kiran Nasir Gore to Lead CLE Program on International Discovery: Obtaining Evidence in Foreign Countries

Kiran Nasir Gore has been invited by the American Bar Association (ABA) to lead a June 8th CLE program on International Discovery: Obtaining Evidence in Foreign Countries. The international discovery process can be both time-consuming and challenging in domestic civil cases, however these factors are intensified when pursuing witnesses and documents in foreign countries. With Read More »

Kiran Nasir Gore Will Speak at Bishkek Arbitration Days

The inaugural Bishkek Arbitration Days, under the theme “Dispute Resolution in Times of Pandemic: Can Arbitration be the Answer?” will take place 4-5 June 2020 via online format. The working languages are English & Russian. During webinars conducted over two days, leading experts from the USA, England, Ukraine, Sweden, Singapore, Russia and Central Asia will discuss how arbitration can tackle the controversies Read More »

Charles H. Camp and Kiran Nasir Gore Analyze the Possibility of Justice for Private Foreign Banking Customers in Light of the Lebanese Financial Crisis in The World Financial Review

In many ways, Lebanon’s international financial footprint is negligible. In mid-2019, the International Monetary Fund classified Lebanon as an emerging market developing economy, with an estimated GDP of approximately USD$60 billion. Most of its bonded debt is held by local banks, including Banque du Liban (the Lebanese Central Bank) and its stability has faced economic challenges Read More »

Kiran Nasir Gore Is Interviewed by Lawyer Monthly, Discussing International Litigation and International Arbitration

Kiran Nasir Gore was recently featured in the April 2020 issue of Lawyer Monthly, a global publication with readership ranging from legal professionals to businesses.  From, “Which jurisdiction will my dispute fall under?”, to “Is it easier to opt for traditional litigation?,” Kiran succinctly briefed the magazine’s readers on the process behind international disputes, honing in Read More »

Charles H. Camp and Kiran Nasir Gore Analyze the Coronavirus Epidemic’s Impact on Global Business for The World Financial Review

On January 30, 2020, the World Health Organisation declared the new coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. Alongside quarantines, travel restrictions and bans, businesses have been confronted with limited access to global human capital and unreliable supply chains. In a new article for The World Financial Review, Charles H. Camp and Kiran Read More »

Kiran Nasir Gore Speaks at Closing Event of Georgetown International Arbitration Month

Yesterday, the 8th Georgetown International Arbitration Month concluded with a panel discussion on Tribunal’s Power to Sanction. Kiran Nasir Gore participated in the first panel, focusing on the misconduct that may be sanctioned by an investment tribunal, alongside Patricia Cruz Trabanino and Chiara Giorgetti, with moderator David Attanasio. The second panel, focusing on the types of Read More »